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Poems in Danish

Unfortunately, I seem to only feel like writing poems when I'm in bad mood, so this is not collection of cheerful poems.

My Memories

My memories they do fade away,
drifting slowly out of my sight,
I do so wish that they would stay.

As faces fade I feel dismay,
I grasp so tight with all my might.
My memories they do drift away.

The path I follow leads me astray,
my flames of hope now grow less bright.
I do so wish that they would stay.

Experiences learnt and lost each day
this has now become my plight.
My memories they do drift away.

As each passing day does decay
the lost emotions take their flight.
I do so wish that they would stay.

My mind is plotting to betray,
it's demise is born of spite.
My memories they do drift away.
I do so wish that they would stay.


There's a pain in my head,
and my mind grows so weak.
Pain invades all my thoughts,
can not think, can not speak.

I wait here in darkness
for the peace that I seek,
yet the hurting persists,
the future feels so bleak.

A sound of progress

I am so tired of humans
they are all just so fucking dumb,
whenever I'm around them
I want to beat them like a drum.

This would be a sound of progress
and to it we'd all succumb
I would change this painful chaos
to a gentle guitar strum

A prisoner of fate

Oh why don't I just end it
on this soon forgotten date ?
tomorrow might be better
It's not worth the endless wait !!

Each day I get nowhere
in life's endless stalemate.
yet I continue this way
in a world that I hate.

People try to preach to me
your future's yours to create
but they have not lived my life
there's no way they can relate.

I'm kept jailed by my mind
as if trapped in a crate,
hope is just out of reach
a prisoner of fate

The inhumanity of humanity

We have coined the term "humanity"
and consider ourselves humane,
but when looking at our history
I'm finding this all quite insane.

For this is just a charade, you know,
that we use to avoid the pain
of knowing that though greed, lies and hate
we have become the planets bane.

Inside my mind

What the hell am I doing here ?
This place is causing me much fear!
I have got to let my feelings out....
so sometimes I scream, rant and shout !

There's no way out for me to see
the wall are closing in on me!
what makes it worth waking up again
as all my days are filled with pain!

These words I write, what do they tell,
about my place in this living hell ?
There is no solace for me to find
As what I fear lives inside my mind

The fringes of my sanity

In the fringes of my sanity
lie the sorrows of my soul
they will be the death of me
this is their given goal

All that is good

All that is good
will surely die
and all human kindness
is surely a lie

I hang down my head
and let out a sigh
For my heart has no feeling
if it did, I would cry

These thoughts

These thoughts in my head
they do not belong
the more they continue
the more will go wrong

I should try to change
and not just move along
But to change takes courage
and I'm not that strong

No great pain

When I leave this place,
at the time when I die,
few will notice
and no-one will cry.

I will be forgotten
by all who remain
but if all has gone well
I'll have caused no great pain

All I know

I don't want to live
yet I don't want to die.
I know not how to laugh,
and not how to cry.

As I live in this world
my sorrow does grow
yet I keep on living
as it is all I know.

No Escape

My mind is my cage
I can not break free
as no one can help
it's all up to me

My thoughts are my shackles
my feelings are like chains
so there is no escape
from my troubles and pains


Another year passed,
and what have I done ?
I've achieved bloody nothing
and had little fun.

Another year wasted,
just drain on this earth,
I have done nothing useful
since the day of my birth.

I lack the strength needed
"to take the bull by the horns",
to change my life for the better
and stay clear of life's thorns.

My spirit are dying
and my soul just laments.
My mood grows gloomy
in a depressing descent.

I have lost sight of all hope,
from the grave where my soul lays,
I can't see any escape
Trapped until the end of days.

So "Yay", it's my birthday,
Who gives a damn fuck.
The next might be better,
but that'll take loads of luck.

this is a poem I wrote for english class in highschool...

Her one most solemn wish

Despite their many different lives
All men stared in her direction
This was to the dismay on their wives
as her beauty caused erection

Men in cars would stop beside her
They would offer her a ride
But her answer dug deep like a spur
as they were all denied

For she was but a honest girl
and humble to the bone
her one most solemn wish
was to be left alone