Things I do !!

Some 'cause I have to, some
'cause I want to !

  • I take a lot of photographs.
    Canon SLR camera I take a lot of pictures of things, and places, I like. You can see some of them online, like these taken in Australia (2004), these taken in Australia (2007), these ones also taken in Australia (2011), some from Scotland, or these taken in Denmark.
    There are more of my photos here:
    I do take a video once in a while, here are some: Simon Allanach on Youtube
  • I listen to music
    (My Links page has links to some of artists pages)
    Here is a short list of who listen to most often at the moment: Vangelis, Enya, Enigma, Joe Satriani, Manowar, Vivaldi, Theatre of Tradgedy, Greig, Iron Maiden, Dvorak, Jean-Michel Jarre, Beethoven, Queen, Chopin, Apocalyptica, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Berlioz, Carl Orff, Black Sabbath, Mike Oldfield, Pachelbel, Accept, Evanescence.
    (listed in order of extraction from cupboard, not prefference, as my preference changes due to my mood, what I am doing, and the alignment of the Celestial bodies, mainly Mars and Jupiter)
  • GuitarI Play the guitar.
    not very well,but hey... I just started... O.K. maybe I didn't just start i'm just not musically inclined.
    I'm trying to learn to read proper music
    , but since there are a lot of people who are writting in "tab" notation, all is not lost.
  • I fiddle with web program(PHP). Whenever I thinks of something to do with PHP, but that's not often.
  • I write strange poems. Unfortunately, it usually only happens when I'm in a bad mood, so they're not cheerful poems.
  • I fiddle with electronics
    Well, really, I used to fiddle with electronics. It does still happen, but not often. Interesting as a hobby, but dull to study !! (Guess what... I used to study electronics(YAWN)).
  • I Drink some beer, a bit of whisky, red wine, some-times rum...

There are more things that I do with my life, but they are even less interesting than the ones that I have mentioned, so they have been left out !!